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We are not Jemella® and we are not affiliated with them, we do not produce and we only repair what is listed on our Information Page
Qualified Electronics Technician carries out GHD repairs since 2009

Why choose

We have been repairing GHD 3, GHD 4, GHD IV Styler, GHD 5 series since 2009 and we have gained a huge knowledge.

Which GHD Irons can be repaired ?

GHD models can be repaired include: GHD 3, GHD 3.1, GHD 4.0, GHD 4.1B, GHD 4.2B, GHD 4.2 II version, GHD IV Styler, GHD 4.2P, GHD 5.0 Gold Series, GHD MS, GHD MS4.0, GHD MS4.1, GHD MS4.2, GHD MS5.0, GHD SS, GHD SS2, GHD SS4.0, GHD SS4.1, GHD SS4.2, GHD SS5.0

The GHD Gold S7N261 & S7N421 Max model can be repaired but we are not doing them just yet – we are attesting the ‘safety’ of the current spares!
Mk6.0 Eclipse, Platinum S8T261, Platinum S8T262 models cannot be repaired

Do you have any video showing GHD Repairs?
No, we do not for the simple reason ,we do not have the time – we do not repair only GHDs, but also other Electronics Equipment, but you can find quite a few videos online from our colleagues.

GHD repair or GHD refurbished offers may be available, from time to time
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You can only sign up using the above link. Communicate form will not be accepted for these offers.

There is no economical explanation for discarding your GHD (MK3 MK4 MK5 MS and SS series) and mostly buy a UN-repairable one!

GHD-Repaired Standard Price

GHD-Repaired Standard Price

We normally repair GHD ‘locally’ for £. 27.99
Includes all electrical/electronics parts (no mail orders at present) and excludes PCB that was tampered with,
unless tampering did not provoke further faults.
Please read our industry standard repair terms here
Prices may vary from time to time.

We usually repair 99% of GHD 3, GHD 4, GHD 5, MS and SS PCBs

All repairs are carried out in our in-house workshop since 2009
If you wish to keep the same Straightener for many years, only use these series, since at present all parts seem to be available – why buy new!


If your GHD is not listed or/and it does NOT have a ‘slide’ switch, we do not repair it and we ‘also’ do not repair any fake/copy/counterfeit GHDs, as they are dangerous and illegal in the UK.
Please ‘read’ here to make sure your GHD is listed and we currently repair it!



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All GHD Repairs are carried out by Qualified Electronics Technician since 2009 and the same for all other repairs we do, since 1994.